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MediaStar Pro

MediaStar Pro

MediaStar Pro


The smallest technologically advanced, long-range wireless USB media remote control system. The hardware can control virtually any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet running MacOS, Windows, Apple iOS, or Android software.

The MediaStar Pro can also operate in standalone SD Card Mode when only audio control is needed with professional built-in playback commands, unlimited playlists, and fully customizable controls.

  • 1 MediaStar Pro Dongle
  • 1 Smart-Link Remote
  • 1 Right Angle USB Adapter

Accepts micro sd cards up to SDHC 32GB (not included), see other accessories.

System Frequency:

  • US/CA/AU - 915MHz (United States, Canada, Australia)*
  • EU - 868MHz (European Union)*

*Please check your local regulations before ordering.

Technical specifications

Professional Components & Features

  • phonelink


    MAC OS 10+

    Windows 7 through 10+

    Apple iOS 8.0+

    Android 5.0+

  • wifi_tethering


    RF 915 MHz (US/CA/AU) or RF 868 MHz (EU)

    500+ Feet Verified Range

    Smart-Link Technology

    Bi-Directional Communication

    Delivery Confirmation Through Haptic Feedback

    Automatic Re-Transmission

    Integrated Antenna (Nothing To Lose)

  • usb


    USB Type-A

    USB Type-C (Adapter)

    Micro USB (Adapter)

    Apple Lighting (Adapter)

  • developer_board


    Visual Backlit Display

    RGB LED Status Indicator

    Integrated Menu Button

    Customizable Settings

    Automatic Mode Switching

    USB Mode With Built-In Third Party Profiles

    Removable Micro SD Card 

    SD Card Mode For Standalone Operation

  • audiotrack


    3.5mm (1/8”) Audio Out Jack

    Hi-Definition 24 Bit Digital Audio

    Integrated Sound Card (With Output Indication)

    Audio Quality Format Indication

    Volume Indication (Steps or Db Level)

    Integrated MP3 & WAV Player

    Built-In Customizable Fade & Cue Commands

  • power_settings_new



    5V USB Power

    Powered Through Device Connection


    1 (3V) CR2032 Battery

    2 Years Standby, 10,000 Button Presses

  • important_devices


  • What's In The Box

    1 MediaStar Pro Dongle

    1 Smart-Link Remote

    1 Right Angle USB Adapter

  • phonelink

    Universally Compatible

    MAC OS, Windows, Apple iOS, & Android Compatible

  • library_music

    Integrated Audio Player

    Removable SD card for standalone MP3 & WAV file audio playback with pro features

  • usb

    Virtually Unlimited Control

    USB mode for virtually unlimited audio, video, lighting, presentation, and effects control

  • developer_board

    Professional Grade Hardware

    Custom hardware, hi-definition 24 bit Audio with USB digital audio output & fully customizable user settings

  • vibration

    Visual & Tactile Feedback

    LED status & roundtrip communication with haptic vibration feedback

  • wifi_tethering

    Ultimate Range

    Smart-Link technology with 500+ feet of verified range

  • touch_app

    Superior Features

    Ergonomic click feel buttons and hands free control built-in

  • signal_wifi_4_bar_lock

    Dependable & Secure

    FCC & CE certified RF frequencies with individualized hardware serialization

Multiple Operating Modes

USB mode with built-in third party profiles for multiple app and software control. SD Card mode for standalone operation, and included MediaStar Pro Windows software for ultimate Live Show Control.

USB Mode (External Control)

Using USB mode, MediaStar Pro works as long-range remote for the software and applications running on the host system (desktop/laptop/smartphone/tablet).

MAC OS, Windows, Apple iOS, & Android

Controls 3RD Party Software, Smartphone, & Tablet Apps

Virtually Unlimited Audio, Video, Lighting, & Presentation Control

Built-In Profiles For Software & Applications


Volume Control & Adjustments Through System-Level Commands

Playback LED & Symbol Indication

Audio Sample Rate & Resolution

Up to 15 different remote commands with MediaStar Pro Software


MediaStar Pro, Go Button, QLab

Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi,

iTunes, Windows Media Player

ShowCues, OneTrack, Best Boy

Ultimate Control, KeyMap # (Universal)

Audio App & Media Player (Generic)

SD Card Mode (Internal Control)

Using SD card mode, the MediaStar Pro system works as a standalone audio player by running music from playlists on the integrated removable micro SD Card. The dongle may be powered from a wall USB charger, power bank or any active USB port on laptop, tablet, etc.

Removable Micro SD Card

MP3 & WAV File Support

Unlimited Playlists, Simple Folders With Easy Numbered Files

99 Songs Per Playlist


Play, Pause, Fade, Previous, Next, Volume Down, Volume Up, Volume Low Ramp, Volume High Ramp

Playlist Reset, Pre-Show Loop, One-Click Mute & Normal Volume

Auto Cue Next & Continuous Track Modes


Volume Display (Steps Or Db Level)

Remote Battery Indication

Scrolling Track Name, Track Number & Time Indication

Color LED Playback Status

Free MediaStar Pro Windows Software

Our included MediaStar Pro Windows software gives users unlimited control over all media and technical aspects within a show and completely integrates with our additional EzDMX hardware and software for complete lighting and DMX control. The MediaStar Pro Smart-Link remote can control 15 total functions with the software including hands-free operation and settings are completely user configurable.

Play, Pause, Un-Pause, Hard Pause

Auto-Start, Auto-Pause

Fade, Auto Fade, Fade To Pause, (Crossfade Coming Soon)

Previous/Next Track

Volume Up/Down Control

Volume High/Low Ramp Recall


Playlist Reset & Visual Timers

Instant Track #1 With Position Recall 

Pre-Programed Auto Track Volume Adjustment Multiple Times Within A Song

Insert Videos & Playback Loops

Graphics & Images

Pop-Up Screen Notes For Visual Cues


Live Camera Feed With Fade In/Out

Waveform Generator For Exact Cue & Programming Placement

Ability To Insert DMX Lighting & Effects Queues Using EzDMX

Optional External Wireless Transceiver

Pre-Show & Post Show Logos, Images or Video

Compare The MediaStar Pro

All the benefits you would expect from the leader in wireless live show control.