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Live Show Control was created by two influential entertainers and creators, Craig Filicetti and Michael Swenson, who share a passion for technology in the entertainment industry. Craig is an electrical engineer with a masters degree and over 20 years of experience in new product development. He is a working mentalist/magician and founder of ProMystic, the world’s leading manufacturer for mentalism and magic technology. Michael is an entertainer, show producer, and consultant for stage, television, and theme parks. He is world-renowned stage hypnotist and creator of some of the most innovative ideas ever conceived.

Craig and Michael joined forces when an opportunity presented itself to take over the most successful and longest running wireless media control system, the original MediaStar. Craig and Michael, along with their amazing team of engineers, programmers, and designers have taken four years to re-imagine and re-engineer the ever so popular MediaStar into what you could call a Swiss Army Knife in wireless remote control for all things media, the MediaStar Pro!

The idea of MediaStar Pro is simple. No need to buy multiple products to control different devices and applications. The MediaStar Pro can control virtually all of them. This saves you time, space, and money!


Our Promise

It is our promise to provide the most innovative and rock-solid wireless media control system specifically created for the entertainment industry. Through design and technology, we will continue to provide unparalleled support, enhancements, and firmware upgrades to our products. 

Live Show Control is dedicated to providing you:

  • World class customer support
  • Leading-edge technology in the industry
  • Innovation for live show entertainment

You're covered with a 30-day, money back guarantee, and a 3-year limited warranty.




The history of the first MediaStar goes back to its original creator Kerry Pollock. The genius behind some of the world's greatest entertainers such as David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Chris Angel, and David Blaine. The first MediaStar, which was originally created over 20 years ago, to this day still runs thousands of theaters, shows, entertainers, presentations, and theme park attractions around the world. Along with the MediaStar, Kerry invented an alternative and more simplified controller called the MP3Tech, which also ran audio and special effects. Prior to Kerry inventing the two leading wireless control systems for entertainers he created one of the first audio control systems called the ShowTech which used wireless technology and MiniDisk players for ultimate show control. Since then Kerry has passed his expertise over to the brand new, built from the ground up, MediaStar Pro.

When Craig and Michael first took on the project they wanted to create a piece of hardware for live shows and presentations that could easily plug into virtually any device and have the ability to wirelessly control media playback features. Not only did they want a single device to be able to control Windows and Apple computers, but they wanted to also control smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS and Android software. All of this had to be combined into one unit with the simplicity of plug and play. This is not easily achieved for a single device to work on multiple platforms and with different operating systems.

If that wasn’t enough, they also wanted the unit to work as a standalone product with built-in professional audio features, commands, and an unlimited amount of storage. The unit had to be lightweight and small enough to hold in a closed fist, but also road worthy durable and have multiple features with a remote that would control a lot of functions, but only have a few buttons. In addition, they wanted two-way communication between the hardware and remote so users could verifiably see and feel the connection between the two units when commands were sent and received. The whole system had to be intuitive and more importantly, have a long-range signal using RF frequencies with no external antennas to get lost.

Needless to say, this undertaking has been achieved with outstanding success as we have combined the original MediaStar and MP3Tech into one single unit and then re-engineered and rebuilt it from the ground up with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment and feature-rich controls. The wireless Live Show Control system is here. It’s a powerhouse in wireless media remote control, and Craig and Michael can’t wait for users to take their shows and presentations to the next level with the MediaStar Pro.