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Beta 3.0

Hi everyone, it's Michael and I want to thank you for participating in our software BETA 3.0 program. PLEASE keep in mind you accept the following by being in the program.

  1. Please do not share any information regarding the MediaStar Pro software to anyone outside of this page until it is fully released or give out to anyone.
  2. The software may or may not have bugs and issues which is the purpose of beta testing the program.
  3. BACKUP your files before installing or use a separate computer.
  4. If or when you find an issue, TAKE NOTES and be specific on what you did so we can replicate it. Keep in mind not all things are bugs.
  5. PLEASE try not to provide suggestions, this is for testing purposes only.
  6. You will use the comments section at the bottom to let us know your findings and you will be able to see others as well.
  7. Feel free to comment on any findings and read other's comments as well as the release notes so multiple posts about the same issue are limited.
  8. Updates will change, so please notice the version you are installing and the latest we have posted. We will update the release notes below as updates happen. Check-in as you will not be notified automatically.
  9. There is not a manual, but being beta testing you should already be familiar with the original software and you should start to immediately notice the many updates we have done over the past year.




MediaStar Pro (Windows Software Update)

MediaStar Pro software is a free downloadable program that currently works on computers operating Windows 7 through Windows 10. If you are using an Apple computer, you will need to run Bootcamp or download the Fusion app and install a compatible version of Windows onto the MacOS.


The updated MediaStar Pro software now seamlessly works with upgraded controls using the new MediaStar Pro hardware. You will need to download 2 files. The first is FFDSHOW which is the codecs to play various video file types. The second is the MediaStar Pro software which includes hardware drivers. 

Tip: You can also use your original MediaStar USB transceiver which allows the continued use of any original hardware such as wireless servos and wireless relays.

This updated software only works with Windows 7 through Windows 10.

When you install the new application it will be called MediaStar Pro and will not overwrite any existing files. You can use your original MediaStar files and settings located in your Documents folder by simply renaming the “MediaStar” folder to “MediaStar Pro” and make sure to put a space between MediaStar and Pro. Once you open the updated program you may get a notice it can’t find your last playlist. Select OK and open any saved playlist. You are now good to go with your files! You then should go into Settings and click remote settings to select how you would like your new remote hardware to function. You will notice there many more options than the original hardware remote. That’s it!!

When you plug your new MediaStar Pro Dongle into your computer the first time, set the dongle to USB Mode and select MediaStarPro as your profile. 

1) Download (Windows) FFDSHOW Version: 1.3.4533

Choose the version based on your computer. Follow the steps below to see if your computer is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows.

Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

1. Select the Start button, then select Settings> System> About.
2. At the right, under Device specifications, see System type.

    Windows 7

    1. Select the Start button, right-click Computer, and then select Properties.
    2. Under System, see the system type.

      If you play .mpg video files make sure during installation under Select Additional Tasks you check to include MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 (see below image).



      2) Download the latest (Windows) MediaStar Pro Software Version:

      DOWNLOAD BETA 2.0.16

      Possible Security Restrictions

      If your Windows computer prompts you with security settings, allow the install of this program and follow your Windows computer instructions to do so.


      If you encounter an error during playback related to a media file (for example a .mp3) you may have a bad file or bad metadata for that file. Either remove the metadata (do a google search for "How To Remove Metadata From MP3 Files" as there are several ways to remove) or use a program like Sountaxi.info. If you are still having issues with a file you will need to replace the file.

      To avoid errors and ensure your files are good, always test your show from start to finish before performing when you add any new music, pictures, or videos and make sure you play back each media file from beginning to end.


      Software features no longer supported:

      • PowerPoint Presenter has been removed
      • ShowXpress Scenes has been removed
      • Transmit to LCD display has been removed
      • Custom Software 1 & 2 has been removed


      RELEASE NOTES / Knows Issues:

      2/19/20 (2.0.12)

      • Edit button not yet functional
      • Charging text may be messed up on small screen
      • EzDMX text may be messed up on small screen
      • Hitting RR using the AutoPlay Next OR... may trigger the # selected

      2/21/20 (2.0.14)

      • fixed charging text to PWR
      • fixed DMX text
      • fixed RR using AutoPlay Next OR...
      • (we are aware behind Vol & Bat images/text color may not match when changing tracks with remote)

      3/26/20 (2.0.16) ***LATEST***

      • (please note) Edit button not functional yet
      • fixed 24 hour time
      • Powerpoint folder no longer auto deletes
      • (Powerpoint is still removed)
      • Show screen adjusted for smaller screens
      • (Version # not updated yet, disregard until release)
      • Install Issues Fixed for Win 10