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Feb 27, 2020 • Posted by Buck Macleod

When I play a video file and try to fade out, The fade doesn’t work properly. the video image just shrinks to half screen.

Also when you have multiple video files that should have a seamless transition. That transition is not seamless. I did convert my videos through the Iskysoft video converter program into the DIVX codec.

Feb 21, 2020 • Posted by Joseph

Under settings, when ‘24 hour time’ is checked but ‘show seconds’ is not checked, the playlist will still show AM/PM next to the 24-hour time.

Feb 20, 2020 • Posted by Joseph

Love the additions – yellow fade screen, great! Ability to program long-presses into all buttons, perfect!

WARNING to all users: This software checks for a “PowerPoint” folder and will remove it, including all of your files in that folder. It will do this at every single startup, without warning, and the files are gone in an instant. Make sure you make a backup!

Does that mean PowerPoint support is being removed?

Smaller issues:

Charging text messed up even on 1080p screen.

Unable to import image files natively. Must copy images into image folder via windows explorer (admittedly, this was always an issue with prior versions). Can fix?

About info says I have version 2.0.4 despite downloading a file that says I have 2.0.12.

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